Do Pushups Burn Chest Fat?

Burning fat in one particular spot is not possible. However, you can do wide-set pushups to build muscle in the chest area. If you get in a pushup position and position your hands fairly close together (shoulder width) you will build more strength in your hands, arms and shoulders. However, if you widen your stance and move each arm 4-to-6 inches to the outside, you will build more strength in your chest. If you build muscle in that area, you will be getting rid of fat.
The pushup is an ideal exercise for building strength, getting rid of fat and increasing your metabolism. However, this is not going to happen in an efficient manner if you simply do these exercises. To burn fat efficiently, you must eat correctly and drink plenty of water. Make changes in your diet so you are not eating more than one 6 ounce portion of red meat per week. Substitute white meat chicken and fish for the red meat and make sure you have at least two portions of fresh vegetables and one portion of fresh fruit per day. Drink at least 6 bottles of water per day.
Pushups can be your base for getting stronger. If you are truly interested in building strength in that area, do at least 10 sets of 20 pushups every day. That will also boost your metabolism. To burn fat, you need to do cardio exercises. Interval training works well for burning maximum fat. Go to your local high school or college track. Do four sprints in succession of descending amounts. Start with 80 yards, then go to 70 yards. Immediately, follow it with 60 and 50 yards. Take a two-minute break and then repeat the set. If you do two complete sets every time you go to the track, do pushups and eat correctly, you will get rid of your chest fat and build muscle.

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